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Gathering Thoughts/Ideas: GOG eNMEy Pistol?

Waiting for you to make it :-P. I have enough stock for another body, but it's already claimed. I could probably make a couple more but I'm running out of time before I have to deal with a new supervisor on my shift who may not be as accepting of my on-the-job hobbying as my current one lol. If I do you have first dibs on the next one, but it will only be a body and a feed, I'm not handling regulator mounting and plumbing for everyone. I'm kind of dreading doing it on my own.

Also- I think I'm going to go electro on this one just for gits and shiggles. Air through grip and remote setup like how I used to use my Zeus. Haven't had much luck with 12ies in the past so I don't see the point in wasting time and money trying to do the bucket changer grip.

Anyway, still a lot of milling to do, just wanted to post so people know the project isn't dead
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