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Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
Didn't realize they were that rare now.
I remember the automag versions were hugely popular. Most of the mag owners at the local field had them installed back around 94? 95?

Then when they became non-legal most places.... they had to be sent back to whomever made them to install the "lock out" kit that allowed them to be single-shot when you pushed in a button. Later versions came with that button. (which basically was just a trigger block).

But I've never seen the VM68 version at a field. By 94/95, VM68s were no longer a "high end" tournament gun. Everything was mags, and cockers, (with mostly Tippmanns, Montneels, F2s, etc taking up the slack).

And believe me, I LOVED my VM68. I did everything imaginable to it. But the double-trouble had no interest. It wasnt my tournament gun, and it wasnt really tournament legal anyway. It ended up as an expensive novelty.

Kinda like those trigger "crank" kits? WHo remembers those?

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