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Just for clarity:
Perfect Circle Paintball makes the FN303 rounds and, the FS round.

FN Herstehl makes the FN303 (parts were designed and are manufactured for FN by Airgun Designs)

Tiberius Arms sells the T4 (and presumably soon the T15) as a competitive product to the FN303. Originally, the T4 was designed to shoot the standard round pepperball. They also sell T8/8.1 based pistols to FN who re-sells them as the FN303P.

This is my take on the history:
FN, AGD (to include PTP), and PCP collaborate to produce the FN303 and the Ammo.

Sometime later, Tiberius Arms develops the T8 with it's integrated CO2 in Mag, orginally for paintball (their founders were ballers) but, the Less lethal industry becomes a bigger revenue generator.

They develop the T4 which, was briefly sold (alongside the T8 based gun) by Veritas Tactical (appeared to be a third party vendor with relationships to military training entities).

Tiberius Arms, through their Less Lethal business gets exposed to the FN303 and it's rounds.

At some point, either:
  • Tiberius Arms asks PCP to develop a 'safe for paintball' round
  • PCP sees the potential of the Tiberius magfed designs and develops the FS round and asks Tiberius if they want to bring it to market
Tiberius Arms releases the FS conversion kit and FS rounds.
Tiberius Arms releases the T4
Tiberius Arms releases the T8.1, T9.1 Guns
Tiberius Arms releases the T4.1
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