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I like the Hustle video. Looks nice. My main concerns is:

1. Is the engine/operation anything like the T9/8? They were way over engineered in my opinion.
2. How can you clear the inevitable FS jam?

I'm very biased against TA after having won an engraved T9 and all the window dressings at a sniper tournament back in 09, and it never worked. I sent it in 3 times and each time it came back it broke within 20 rounds. So I've bricked it and have refused to consider a TA gun again.

But good solid engineering, consistency data, and reviews from players (not just Hustle) can always change my mind. Though unless they can provide all of that by the time the SAR12 guys can get their closed bolt semiauto engine out, it's moot anyways...
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