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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
Is this just a one-off, Tom?
I was thinking of makin' a total of 5 bodies. I am still debating on selling them as bodies or my other thought would be to make them into full guns and sell them that way.

Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
No permission needed, no one own's the twister body design. Anything else you hear is total BS!..Prove me wrong.
Honestly when I first started the design concept it looked much more twister like. Then I ran it thru my CAM program and it came out with an approximate machining time of 5 hours :O So I went back and scaled things around and got it down to a much more reasonable 1.5 hours per side. I also think this design is going to look a lot less busy than a twister.

I still have one last idea floating around my head to further differentiate mine from a twister. Twisters lines are straight overall while they follow the contour in the z in the xy plane they are just straight lines. I was thinking about getting a little spline action going on mine in the xy while it contours to the z.

Straight profile

Spline Profile

I am not sure the spline profile is different enough overall to justify the added complexity but what do you guys think.
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