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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
Obviously this is taken from the Red team POV. Especially since the call to hold fire & the organizers who interrupted the skimishing originated from our side of the field. I'd like to hear from a blue team player on why they didn't get the message to hold in place and cease fire. If it was a true medical emergency or something similar, then it would have been a scary situation.

Getting shot multiple times by players moving and playing on while you're standing in place w/ your barrel condom on is not fun & very frustrating to boot.
I too was on Malice's side, but had a few friends on Alice's side, and was quite dismayed at the confusion during the final battle. The confusion was caused by the ref's incorrectly calling for a cease fire. It was not a referee cease fire, it was a role playing cease fire. It was unfortunately confusing for everyone involved. I too noticed Alice's team moving up on the hillside and tried to rally some of our guys together to move forward and meet them, but I was told by the head ref who was on the hillside to stop advancing. Then about 30 seconds later, he yelled game on and we started getting pelted. It was a great weekend, but I definitely could have lived without that last 10 minutes of confusion. I don't blame Alice's players on the hill though, because they were being told by the ref's(who confirmed their information with Pogo) to continue playing. It was the fact that down in the city we weren't being given that same information that put us at such a huge disadvantage.
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