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Regardless of which version of Trilogy you have, you can use an LP tank. LP tanks output at ~450 PSI; Trilogies with regs are set at ~350 PSI IIRC, and will sweetspot much lower (my stock Competition sweetspots somewhere between 200-250 PSI). Since it's a mech gun you don't really have to worry about having a higher output. The only reason you want a higher output in the first place is to give your tank room to recharge during fast firing. And if it's a Sport, they can run down pretty low without changing springs as well.
I have no issue converting my tank back. its a Pure Energy Ultra and had a LP kit which really made it a mid output tank.

2 more questions Delrin Bolts - I read the Pro came with Delrin is this true? and if so did it come with a delrin bolt with o-rings or non.

Lastly inline reg - Is the stock reg adjustable in anyway?

here is a pic when i got it. It has that pinkish look going on the ano than red like old spyder pilots did..more on the back block but I will replace asa with black on/off. its more dust than polished finish too.

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