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VM-68 Magnum

I have a VM-68 magnum for sale. This is what it has:

Blue Venturi Bolt
Ribbed Barrel
Dual bottle capacity

I have two co2 bottles that I can ship with it. One has an on/off valve. You can have none, one or both. Your choice.

It is missing one thumb screw from the feedneck. It has been replaced with a black phillips screw.

It currently leak from somewhere from the back ASA area. Tonight, I will see if a bit of teflon tape with help this.

I do not know how well it works. I do not have any co2 to properly test it. If it holds air, I will post that.

I would like to see 100 dollars plus shipping. Offers are welcome.

I am selling this for my brother-in-law. We will be using his paypal account. We both work full time plus overtime hours and have families. If it takes a few days to ship, please be understanding.
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