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cant figure it out, low velocity

well, i have done everything i can think of, but for some reason, i cant get my bolt action cocker up to speed. it was running beautifully until i went to Fulda Gap back in November, when i got there, i couldnt get it above 180fps. i rebuilt it, top to bottom. the reg is holding at 350psi, no matter what valve/hammer spring combo i tried made a difference.

i thought that maybe there was something up with the valve, also a good excuse for an upgrade, so i got a palmer's low turbulence valve. made no difference at all. i am starting to think that maybe there is something with the air line between the reg and body or something with the body.... im bummed out though, ive been working on this marker since first strikes first came out, many revisions and redesigns later, it was my favorite marker, and now it is dead....

honestly, i would like to get a better body for it, something that isnt hacked up. anyone got the ability to help make a custom body for me?

any thoughts on what might be the issue? anyone have a problem like this? of all the cockers i have worked on and used, i have never come across one that i couldnt get working. i am baffled.
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