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I gotta be honest, I've tried every new mask I could get my hands on and so far they were all stuffy, hefty, and offered no advantage over the old Flex7/Proflex I have worn almost since the beginning. I love the profiler a lot, but after a hard game my mask is literally dripping in condensation and I'm not in really bad shape, but the air just doesn't move. The same was true for the I4's and the grillz I used.

You might go try some other masks at a local store, but the best thing would be to just buy some of the newer rubber ear protection, or maybe a complete "proflex" and just keep using your spectra.

It's all about comfort though and your face may like something else better. Pay attention to what it feels like when you move your head quickly and when you breathe hard.

I would try "the inflicted's" fix, or something similar. Most other ear panels lay pretty much flat on your face also, and will probably rub your ears too.
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