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Palmer's Pursuit Shop Houndstooth - Keeping

I am downsizing my collection to the bare minimum as age has caught up with me and I don't play nearly as much as I used to. This one has been my pride and joy and is particularly difficult to let go. It has rarely seen the field but it got shown off a lot.

Houndstooth #PP184 was born 10/02/2000. It has never been back to Palmer's but I have taken great care of it and it is in excellent condition for it's age. Very little pitting in the brush nickle finish and no significant marks of any kind.

My apologies to for those who viewed the original listing. I have decided to remove the Female Stabilizer and employ it in a dual regulator setup on my current Shocker build.

With that being said I have changed it back to the original dual bottle setup. I have posted new pictures and updated the price to reflect the changes. I will still include the rear velocity adjuster, frame grip mount bracket etc. so that you have options down the road to add a Female Stab and save a bit of cash on parts.

I tested it and it is firing beautifully with no leaks chronoing somewhere around 280 plus or minus a few FPS with my Ninja SLP.

It has the single ported barrel .690 bore (paint was bigger back then, lol). Includes new valve and seal kit and valve removal tool so you are good to go when the valve needs replacing. I even have the original box, product sheet, stickers, key chain, patch etc. that came with it from Palmer's.

Asking $350 USD Shipped anywhere in Canada or Continental U.S.

* I ship from Canada so U.S. buyers are responsible for any import duty/tax if applicable

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