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KPCS sniper pump kit.

I have seen other pump kit's out there.
The most popular kit is CCM's and some others kit work or look like CCM's kit.
I wanted something different then the CCM kit.

I don't want to make a CCM clone or copy one.

Now I had a Pump kit for a Automag and like how it looked and feels.
It has a lug in the handle so the handle won't twist.
The problem is it not for a Autococker.

Well with some work I got it to fit a Autococker. To me it's one of the smoothie pump I have ever felt.
So I decided to make 20 kit's to see what everyone thinks of them and if I should make more of them.
I showed them at SPE this year.

Here is the kit has it is now.

It has a ant-twist lug in the pump handle

Has room for a return spring in the handle

Let me know what you think you pump players ....

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
I have come here to chew bubblegum & kick @$$ and I'm all out of bubblegum ......

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