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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
My guess is that they will try and set them up similar to the ESPN matches. Roughly rectangular, some small undergrowth, but open enough to catch Youngblood bunkering someone.
I wouldn't be sure about that.
Unless they have done considerable clearing recently, there are few areas that offer lanes. I know the field well as a scenario player, not as a tourney player. The field itself is mostly woods with significant distance between flags depending on which fields are being used. Some structures but limited to specific sites which are speedball, not woods.

And the big thing to remember is that is being put up by Jerry Braun, the man who started the whole "World Cup" at this same field back in the late 80's. This guy has seen how the industry has developed more than most of us.

What He is trying to do is offer players a way to bring things back to their roots, hence an electronic cap similar to a decent mech (in the right hands), larger team rosters and an area which is not your average "postage stamp" sized limitation of a speedball court.
With enough player support, meaning total number of teams registered, it could mean going beyond the mere fact that this is a sanctioned event ~ It could become a World Class Event.
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