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Admittedly the aesthetics of the exposed line aren't ideal, but at this point I'm more concerned with having easy access to disconnect the macro from the reg as any time I need to take the frame off, the line has to come off also.

As for the video, well, Murphy struck again. Aired up to chrono, took a couple of shots, only hitting 230. Ok, turn up the reg a bit... Hiiiiiiiiissssssssss. I manhandled one of the hoses a bit too much putting it on and when I cranked the pressure it developed a pinhole right at the edge of the barb. Doh.

Was at a team practice so no time to mess with it. Replaced the hose again at home, much more gently this time, and then cranked the pressure with no leaks this time around. I will try again for video this weekend as my memorial day BBQ schedule is light this year and I'll be at my parents house where I'll have a yard to actually shoot in.
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