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I wouldn't count out the board yet, if it's clicking then the noid is firing and there are plenty of other things that can still be going wrong.

Like BOS said, definitely make sure the screw in the direct vicinity of the sear isn't overtightened. My manual said the tip of the bolt should be flush with the nut on the other side of the marker.

Another thing I would check first, what style of sear do you have in it? My B5 kit was just shells and I dropped my existing A5 internals into it, which gave me issues. The older style egrip internals with the long pin need a sear with a plain round hole, not the elongated hole you normally see.

Once I had the right sear in there, that fixed the doesn't fire/only fires once issue, and I could switch to the stiffest sear spring I had which solved the recocking issue.
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