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solenoid spool shaft - trying to double check ring size
I was able to track down so far every size other than the two sizes on the shaft

05 & 06 Ego <--PDF manual link(right click save link as is the best way to access it)
High Pressure Regulator
05 - 2 turns clockwise 300 - 350 psi.
06 - 3 1/2 turns clockwise 300 - 350 psi.
Low Pressure Regulator
05 - Silver - Gold
06 - Silver - Gold
O-Ring Sizes
16 Rammer Housing, LPR Body, Feed Stub, HPR Top.
15 Bolt O-Ring, HPR Piston.
14 Large O-Ring on top of Front Reg Mount.
13 LPR Piston.
12 Adjuster Piston in LPR.
11 Rear Rammer O-Ring.
10 Inside LPR body, inside Adjuster Section of HPR.
9 Rammer Front Bumper O-Ring.
8 Rammer Shaft O-Ring.
6 HPR Adjuster Screw, Oops.
4 Small O-Rings on top of Front Reg Mount.

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