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Originally Posted by CamoDeafie View Post
I have a BooYaah frame that needs some new connections and is so-so for use
Depending on what's wrong with your BooYaah, you should get in touch with Damon from Scenario Dreams. He might be able to hook you up with the appropriate connectors. I threw a 25g switch in BooYaah and in the process managed to mangle the crimp-on connectors on the solenoid wires, but he had the ones I needed in stock.

BooYaah's are surprisingly good frames with a nice board and display for how old they are, although they are a little on the heavy side. I'm thinking about trying to rig up an eye circuit on mine somehow, but I'm just not sure enough about the resistors needed and am worried about frying the board if I do it wrong. Not to mention space is definitely at a premium inside that frame!
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