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Got to play with mine today. I think its going to need some tweaking if I set the board to 12 bps I start getting skipped shots much more than that and it will just quit feeding all together. here is the weird part though is the marker shoots a blank shot almost like once the rotor is synced the eyes get over ridden or something? Another thing I noticed is when the rotor is synced if you hold down the trigger the board will no do a clearing shot with the eyes on. As soon as you turn off the brotor it will do the clearing shot again.

I was just cleaning mine when it hit me maybe the tension is not high enough. Just like the rotor you can dial up the tension on the ball stack with a screw on the drive assembly. Mine was just short of flush so I screwed it in about a half turn past flush and tried again. Works perfectly. I will also say this it is very finicky on paint. Marbs feed good. field paint no so good (i forget what brand) I have some other kinds of paint to try so I'll have to give those a go to see what it likes.
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