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Originally Posted by Lead Magnet View Post
Using TiPX internals over Phenom internals
At first I agreed, but then recently I cleaned and lubed my TPX valve and reg. using a tool to take out the 'C' clips was a bit of a pain, with the $2 harbor freight tool I have, but once out it was easy to just drop out the internals wipe them and lube them.

I've been very impressed with the consistency since, the phenom internals are awesome with the way they drop out, but it's too big and heavy for this application, they are great for high rates of fire on HPA, but if you want light and compact, for semi only and handles CO2 well, the TPX internals do a fine job.

Can't wait to see one up close, it looks like the stock is attached with bolts, can probably easliy remove the front grip, even if the side panels don't remove you'll have a chunky pistol format very quickly.
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