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Mag fed EVENT @ Topgun on August 31st.

I am re posting this info as it's own post so that it is communicated correctly.

There is a mag fed event at Topgun in Jackson NJ on August 31st.

Operation Pegasus

It is $30 to play and includes 200 paint balls.
It is first strike friendly, but you must buy from them. $40 a case of 100

They are working on a new filed that should be ready by then that is supposed the be World War themed. Trenches and bunkers etc.

When I spoke to them yesterday they said that the have about 40 people coming for that on, but the last one they had before the Alamo game they had over 120 people.

No pre purchase required. Walk-on's welcome.

I am calling again today to get more details as the person in charge of the event was not there yesterday.
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