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One thing everyone is forgeting (or not saying) is that the valve itself has a great deal to do with the whole mess. A valve is more or less just an orphice, so at a givin pressure only so much will flow through that orphice, this is of course exlcuding thae fact that valves are, well valves and dwell comes into play. Also the final pressure behind the ball is only 80-125psi (Tom kaye had a write up on this somewhere) so unless your testing the same valve at the same dwell, the pressure supplying the valve has no effect. The reson why co2 is less consistant is that you are using the same valve at close to the same dwell, and becuase CO2 is in a gas and liquid state in your tank the pressure is always changing, not to mention what tempurature has to do with it (theres a reason C02 is a refrigerant ) It is however possible that using the same bore througout the lenth of the barrel that lenght alone has an effect, but no real publised studies have been done that I know of. Im shure that "paintball math" does exist, but manufactures arent going to let it out, becuase if they did paintball simply become just that, math. Thus anyone could punch the numbers and build a gun. I am also shure that one day all the numbers will be revealed, but how close is that day? who knows
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