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Originally Posted by gsr2k6 View Post
Hey I know theres already 5 people but if some back out I can send out paypal tomarrow to have my gun half'd, minid and midgeted and annodized. Pm me if you get a opening or even the normal pricing on all of this. Gloss anno btw.

I can do it, but not for the sale price. PM me and we wil work out a price.

Originally Posted by Andrewliu6294 View Post
pics of the auto trigger cam would be sweet.
Got side tracked cathcingup on anodizing work and havent finished them. Soon.

Originally Posted by cockycocker View Post
I will pay more than asking price
PM me and we wil work out a price.

I may run out of kits and have to make more for the last few "after sale" people. So you guys may have to wait a week or so for the new batch of kits. Good thing is the half-block kits wil be availabel in white too White bolt and sled, and SS pin.
I don town anymore ! Please contact the owner thru the website.

Al I have left for sale PB related is pump related headbands and tshirts.
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