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Originally Posted by The Long Ranger View Post
Dell often has good deals on cameras and lenses from time to time but B&H is usually unbeatable. The Xti is the camera I personally would get right now but hold off for a couple of weeks. Canon has announced the next Rebel (Xsi I think) so the prices for the Xti should plummet. Don't buy it for much more than $500.
Yes it is called the Canon XSi. It has the next generation Digic III processing chip vs the Digic II in the current XTi. Also The XSi is not coming out until April 2008. The price tag is around $800 body only.

The Rebel XTi line looks like it runs in the $600-660 range. I know it was $660 at Circuit City. We have a card there and they have a 12 month finance option. Newegg was around $590 plus a few bucks for shipping. Financing was 0% for 6 months.

There is this place called Photo zone about 20 minutes from me but the want $699. Another camera place called unique Photo as it for around $600. No matter which place I would go to, it would have sales tax. I heard about B&H photo. There price is about the same as Unique but I would not have to pay sales tax. The other thing is I would have to lay out the full amount instead of letting it ride on a 0% for 6 months plan.

Why is SHAG have a hard on for 0% for X months. SHAG just had a daughter. SHAG has a job lined up but is waiting for some things to fall into place to get started at that job. (Verizon Telecom. Good pay and good benefits. I have a friend who's boss is one of the people who makes the call for more techs. Since he is a good family friend he is trying to get me started in the next training school.) So right now I would like to have a nice good camera to take nice pictures of my newborn daughter while having the ability to cover things like the mortgage.

As for $500, I don't know cause I have not seen the camera for much less than $600 with the lens kit. $520 for body only.

At last, my daughter finally falls asleep. I can stop looking at Used KP3s and Cameras! Seriously, my wife saw the XTi on the Canon Web site and said she would like to take a look at it in a store before we made a decision.

So far thanks for the input. Please speak up to the post. Have a good night.

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