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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
I see nothing wrong with most sorts of social deviance and hobbies as long as they are not harmful to anyone. However, I think the issue most people have is the extreme side of it, which is something I cannot comment on, as I have really no idea (minus the CSI episode).
Double post, but I wanted to get this across too:
Some people have issues with it since there are quite a few people in the furry fandom who are just egocentric idiots. Or on the other side of the spectrum, they whine about everything and act really immature for their age. Maybe something in the fantasy of having an animal alter ego truly appears to people with some sort of legit mental issues, I don't know.

Again, NOT ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THAT. I'm not saying furries need medication or therapy or both. I have just noticed it tends to draw some of the stranger individuals out of the woodwork.
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