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Another "Lightest gun ever", but still somewhat interesting.

The new Invert Mini from Empire.

Aparantly, it's a blow forward with a somewhat other layout than we're used to.

Here's a pic of it (and a hot chick)

Aparantly, the pneumatics are inside the trigger frame and the electronics in th front grip.
My guess is that only the reg is in the front grip and the valve and bolt are still inside the body.

Funny think is that I actually made up a design somewhat like this a while ago, before I ever heard of the gun.

Now I've been thinking a bit more about it, but couldn't one make it even smaller by putting the valve in the trigger frame aswell. I guess the reg would than take up too much space, but you can put the reg on some other place if you want to. (In the front grip together with electronics, or without electronics for an even smaller design.). Now combine this with a vertical trap door (Since all the air is comming from below the body, you might aswell let the balls enter the body from the back via a 90* elbow, or even straight for a Qloader or warp). A vertical trapdoor would make the body no bigger than 2 or paintballs in length. You'd save about 2-3" in overall lenght, plus it would make the gun very light with hardly any kick (No bolt moving, just the paintball itself)!
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