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A5 Barrels and MP-Mag.

Everything is sold
Only thing I still have :

2. BT-Apex barrel also comes with 2 derlin pieces that allow you to mount the end of the apex onto another barrel. (although the pieces seemed too thin to work on my barrels) $55 shipped

Trades I'm looking for:
autococking components: mainly Palmers or ccm but will consider others: (4-ways, rocks/lprs, rams, cocker frames, stroker frames and 4-ways)
Palmer's Male stabilizers.
Markers: PGPs, BE Nightmares, rainmakers, sheridans. there may be others I'll consider so offer up.
I will consider trading 2 for 1 or vice versa.
things I know I don't want are spyders and standard blow back markers.
shipping is within US only. I will ship to canada if you add to shipping cost.
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