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It's a early 90's Autococker, you can tell becuase of the missing ball detent, detents were introduced in 95-96 model line, there is no definative way to tell the exact year base on the serial number, the best you can do is ballpark it. Everything appears to stock except the bolt, the frame looks like someone attempted to polish it up a bit.

The leaking LP Reg is is that black thingy on the front block, it is a simple fix of replacing the o-rings.

As far as venturi bolt vs the stock bolt, it really doesn't offer any significant performance gain over the stock one, the only effect the venturi face has is it diffuses the air to lessen the impact on the ball.

Haveblue's Rat's Nesthas a nice Autococker parts diagram, print it out as a poster and pin it on the wall over your work bench.

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