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Originally Posted by f.t.m. electra View Post
im not asking for the difference in the guns, if you READ i say what does the names of the ccm guns stand for, and im lost when you talk about the nelson and sheridan based guns, its like you post in the wrong thread or something, cuz your way off topic
Bill Holstein tried to explain it to me recently like this:

Originally Posted by CCmachinist
I will have to ask Jason. I forgot.
I know the first "S" and the 5 is from the Series 5.
The 2 was from the J2.
So he combined Them for SS25.
I just can't remember what the other s is for.
It's as good an explaination as any, and it's straight from the horses mouth so I'd take it as the truth. I can only wonder at that other "S", however...
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