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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Whatcha think about the dial a welt? I mean, dial for the 52 firing modes?
This is not good. How the hell is anyone going to remember what all 52 modes do? And what if they "accidentally" dial it to "super-duper, double ramping, lighting full-auto"? And what happens when dirt or moisture get into that dial (hands sweat, you know...)? And why isn't there a "lefty" version with the dial on the right hand side of the grip?

Most importantly, why couldn't they just make the dial go to 11? I mean, there are other guns with dials that go to 10. If this went to 11, well, it'd just be one better. Of course, they could make it still go to 10, but make 10 louder, I suppose. But that one would go to 11!
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