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B. E. Tips.

My kit doesn't contain the O-rings on the outside of the valve body. Suitable replacements can be found at larger hardware and plumbing stores. One thing to watch for on those is the body of the marker itself. There are several places where the body is tapped for various fasteners. Those places tend to have sharp ridges inside. Those sharp ridges nick the o-rings when the valve is installed and removed resulting in a leak. I recommend picking up a piece of wooden dowel, cutting a slit into the end and putting a bit of fine sandpaper into it. Use this to sand away the ridges inside the body. Maybe finish up with OOOO steel wool. This will save you a lot of trouble on those valve body O-rings. Avoid overtightening those fasteners in the future, if they are loose a little blue threadlocker will do the trick.

Title of this post sounds like a Nursury rhyme for paintball babies. . .

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