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Gun Compatibility Issues?

Well.. I played today. Finally!

I brought my Eblade cocker and my sniper. (I wasnt sure who I would be seing or playing with)
My sniper wouldnt run.. I completely forgot that my angled ASA wouldnt work with my 3.5 ounce, so I ran my eblade.
It tanked up fine... everything was great. I put on my 18" Boomstick since we were playing in the woods.

I played a few games and realized I miss having a mechanical cocker. I felt I have better accuracy and more movement with it. I trust it more. My Eblade also did not keep up with my finger for some reason and it is tuned and should run just fine. I also do not like the 18" on it. I love it on my pump.. but a 12 or 16 is better on it.

All in all.. I had a good day... just wish I had felt comfortable with my own marker.

Anyone else felt this way?
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