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they wont suddenly turn into real life creatures and eat your brains.

Do not be so sure earthling!

I fail to see where your argument really supports making gun hits not count. If you don't want to get hit more than a couple times then shouldn't you advocate for gun hits counting?
Because I'm with Sam on this one, if I see my gun get hit, I'll even call myself out of a comercial field where they might not officially count gun hits.
Besides that, if I see you play on after I hit your gun. I'm more likely to just walk you and really hammer the trigger. If that ever happens I don't want to hear a complaint of "wah wah! You Overshot me!" or "wah wah, now I've got paint in my bolt!".

Besides those reasons. Another reason why I think gun hits should count is that I've seen comercial fields where they didn't count and from my experience it only increased the number of players who would try to blind fire.
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