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Nel-Spot Parts

Got some Nel-Spot parts im selling 2 pump handles and one pair of battle grips (I think, if any one can tell me if they are something different) w/ drop out thing on the side of the grip ( you will see it in the pics).

$25.00 + shipping for Pump handles ( $25.00 each)

Price increase
$30.00 + shipping for grips W/ drop out.Pending but I can get more.

$20.00 + shipping for battle but non drop out if I can find them ( my garage is a mess )

I can get about 5 or more Pump Handle
and maybe 2 or 3 more pairs of grips but they might not have the drop out thing on them.
Questions or you want more pics e mail me at

P.S. Im not looking for trade Because I need the money for a phantom.
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