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Nothing bad... yet. But with my ankle, who knows. As of now, the worst I've had I recieved last saturday. I was playing at a local field with a bunch of friends, one of which had an Ion. So were into the second or third match and since were playing with alot of walkons, none would move. So me and Bryce (good friend) decided to flank the left. I was running point and I was just about to turn and slide in a bunker when... WHAP x8. Two people, one rental and the Ion kid were already there. The string of paint started at my knee (x1), my waist (x4) and my bare forearm (x3). I had two big bloody welts from where the Ion hit me on the arm. Whats worse is he never chrono'd and I know he was shooting way hot. Many unpleasant words followed "HIT!".
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