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Originally Posted by grande View Post
Those that were complaining about huge steel tanks weight, well maybe your problem is just that you didn't buy a fiber wrapped tank. Save a little longer and you'll appreciate it. I have both types of tanks and to tell you the truth I've used the steel tank only once.

I don't complain about it, I just beat down wipers with it.

Combined with the impressive heft of my all-steel Mag, it's also handy for those periods of waiting for the suppression fire to die down -- I can do bicep curls.

Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
The reason mags don't run well on CO2 in cold whether is because below 50-60 CO2 only has around 600psi of pressure. Mags need 800+ to run well.
Probably explains the reason for mine hissing at me after I changed the on/off. The tank I tested it with was nearly dry.

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