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Hello all, I recently started making wood grips, altho, not at the level that Shartley does. I did it mainly for myself, to make a set for an Xmag that I have. I decided that I would offer to make them for others. I did this with my eyes open and I know that I wont ever sell that many, there is just not that big of a market out there for them. The wood grips are not something that appeals to everybody and they never will. I am just offering another option for people to consider. My business plan is not aimed at domination of the grip market, heck, I dont have a business plan, I have a hobby. As for the Mag owners liking their gun, lots of them are pretty passionate about them and take great pride in making them unique and one of a kind. There is a pretty good customizing market for them and you are mostly limited only by your imagination. Some are "pretty". Some are not, they follow the "form and function". They are, however, a gun that that has made a tremendous impact on the paintball market, but have fallen from favor for the mainstream players. That is one of the reasons that I like them, they are the underdog and are always underestimated. Anyway, wood grips add a touch of personalization that is just another way for us to express our personalities. And, I just like the look of wood on a gun.
I dabble in bits of wood.
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