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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
They were not approved originally. At the field I worked for, they were on the "black list". Same for those small RAP4 tanks. I remember the RAP4 website used to list instructions on how to bypass DOT rules by filling your own tanks.

Yes, they might be DOT-approved now, with all the proper stamps. RAP4 is profitable enough now that I'm sure they want to avoid any liability problems. But that does not make them pre-DOT ones any more legal to fill/transport.
Oh I know! I wasn't saying they were approved, the quality has gone way up thankfully. The old ones were like timebombs, especially when it came to the markers they were sold with...

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
I think those tanks did not even have burst disc?
Nope. I wouldn't want to fill one. The new ones are a little longer and do.
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