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Originally Posted by Buccaneer View Post
There is an easier way to find your dominant eye.
* Stick out your arms in front of you
* Put your hands on top of each other
* Form a triangle with your thumbs (not to big)
* Look through this triangel to something on the wall (again not to big, wallsocket or something small on a picture)
* Now move your hands towards your face but keep the sightpicture the same!
* You will end up at your left or your right eye, that's the dominant one.

People who are righthanded but left eye dominant will have issues using sights.
But that can be overcome with practise.

But I'm not to sure if this will work with Armson sights, because both eyes are open.
If asked Armson and they day it can be done with practise.

So anyone out there who is righthanded/left eye dominant and uses a Armson sight?
That doesn't work unless you have a set dominant eye that's VERY dominant. I'm sure I must have some dominance to one side or the other but when I hold up my hands and block the image I end up with two equally bright looking triangles and the object invariably "blocked" by the image inbetween. If I hold them up and then open the triangle to find the target I go about 50-50 finding it first with the right triangle to the left triangle. From there I can easily put the image on one triangle or the other and follow it in to whatever eye is related to that triangle.

But then I've known for some time that I don't really have a dominant eye to the point that it's noticable.

My ex wife had a VERY dominant eye situation. I caught her turning out in front of traffic when she really should not have been and not turning when there was lots of room. We tried the thumb deal and she could only see one thumb. Later on she was able to make herself see two with some practice but the one side was never as "solid" and the main dominant image.
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