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Originally Posted by Buccaneer View Post
I am an archery instructor and use this trick with everyone I teach.
Useally it works just fine, up till now I never met someone like you!
Your sure you're keeping both eyes open when you do this?

Is good to know that are people out there that have this.
Yep, I'm always keen to try out stuff like this so I THINK I gave it a fair try. I did it both the ways I mentioned about 8 or 10 times each and it worked the same each time.

The only "tendency" was if I looked at the wall switch down the hall and brought the "mask" up I tended to pick the right eye's opening more often than the left eye's for the first finding of the switch. But each time both aperatures were easily seen. It may well have been the way I was twisted in the chair that caused the favouritism since holding the hands up and then opening the aperature would invariably leave me with the switch sitting "behind" the part between the double vision holes.

To give you an idea of how non dominant my vision is I'm keen on trying my new method of aiming during play. It involves bringing up the gun's back block to sit more or less right in front of my nose with my eyes looking down either side of the barrel. When focused on a distant point I see it sitting between two barrel images. It SEEMS to be fairly easy to adjust the gun's position to make it so the two barrel images are close to identical and to put the target between the two rounded ends of those images. The slick thing is that both eyes are open and I don't loose any periperal vision because the gun body isn't blocking anything. But if I had a strongly dominant eye this wouldn't work for a second.

As soon as I can get over the darn cough and cold I got right at New Years I'm planning on setting up a mini range in the shop and shoot some reballs for both chrono testing some markers as well as working on my aiming and snap shooting. I'm going to get some of those little 6 inch stuffed animals to use as targets.... SMURFS with any luck.... hate those smurfs.....

PS: I used to be pretty good at those weird mod art 3D image things too. It took a lot of eyeball screwing to get it to come in but once I started to see even a hint of an image it would pop into focus with very little extra effort.
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