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Thought I'd do an update of this thread since I've had some good playing time with this gun.

Still freaking amazing.

The only other stock class gun I've even touched since I got this one was the Scout I got from Splattttttt, and I only used that for 2 games. Pump stroke is super smooth and even force throughout, trigger is one of the best I've every used, and efficiency is still a stellar 45 shots with the first being around 290 fps. I usually take apart every gun own right away, but I've never even loosened a screw on this one. Works flawlessly every time, I've only used the velocity adjustment tool once on the initial setup.

I was using it a few weeks ago and was puzzled when I started seeing drop off waaayyy to early. Looked down and there were 4 tubes at my feet; I had just gotten into the groove and lost track (luckily that AT monkey postal_bob ran out of paint at that point ) . It shoots that quickly and smoothly. It almost feels like an Open class gun.

I keep not buying other stock class guns because I know I won't like them better than the good old Mini-Comp. I have other guns I want to use, but it feels like I'm cheating on my sole mate.
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