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wwp razorback III. dropout and CA adaptors. fs/t

Let's get to business. For sale I've got a WWP Razorback III pump marker. It's a neat piece of paintball history. Pretty good condition, some damage near the back thumb screw. Works with no leaks, but the pump stroke is rough. Probably a simple oring or spring replacement, basically some TLC. Comes with matching dropout changer, black CA adaptor, sidewinder pump arm, lonestar m16 grip and a an elbow. If I had the time or money, i'd fix it, but unfortuneatly, this has gotta go.


Price- $75 obo

Vforce grill
nice tripod (bogen-manfrotto maybe)
Pro jerseys. RL, joy, hurricanes, aftershock are good.
cody unczur photography
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