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Custom gun pics thread

I searched, and I didn't find one. How can there be a custom gun section without a pics thread? If it's alright with the mods, I think that we ought to start one.

If this is in some sort of violation of rules, then I'll gladly delete it.

Here's my contribution to the custom guns pics thread:

It's not completely done. I just need a trigger and some grips for it. There's nothing special about it other then the fact that I used a bushmaster frame that I got from MCB (Thanks Thelar!). I'd also like to thank wanna-b-ballin for the minimag body and the x valve on-off. I really lucked out on the frame. It just so happens that a MPA-3 fits perfectly in the top of the frame. The only downside is that the hump on the guard is in the way of the VA. If I had a rt rail that probably wouldn't be a problem...

I've shot it and I must say that it's really nice. I don't know how fast I was shooting exactly, but I was really impressed.

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