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$175 dm5

Will include a 10x o-ring rebuild kit and a PE ASA/rail. No barrel/tank.

Eyes always read a ball could use new eyes or just paint in the breech or I didn't put them in right. Shooting eyes on went into the fail safe mode capped at 5 balls per second which was perfect for me. The last time I used the asa ~6 months ago it leaked out of the hole in the bottom.

I'll include a 10x o-ring rebuild kit from oringmonkey. I've used this marker once in the year I've owned it at Oklahoma D-Day and it worked great. I set the dwell at 20 instead of 18 and tuned it so it's really smooth and quiet now. I was actually very impressed with it. I rarely play semi and it's even more rare for me to play electro so I have no need for it when I have an LCD Angel and LCD Matrix that I want to use over this one as far as my electronic markers go.

$175. I'm not adding for any trade unless it's a cocker, mag, pump, or a PPS marker. If you have a revy or a warp feed.. I'm very interested. That being said I have waaaaaaaayyyy too many markers and I'm trying to thin the herd. I want to keep this but I'll never use it and could use the money for other things.
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