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It takes time, Raw materials, Craftsmanship. making a desert duck or Redux is really an art. they make them out of slabs of raw aluminum. And I don't believe they use a CnC machine. they do it by hand. and will do anything you ask them too do. Same with palmers. it gives you very good Customer service, the parts are all hand made, Quality time was put into it.

Heck, if your wallet is heavy enough. you can ask palmers to make you a brass KP stock with an engraving of a Penis!

"They will do what you want Chris, They will do what you want. Its okay, Me big American man"

Techpb Pump clan cookies for who ever knows where that's from.

But seriously, when talking about High end electros. They are mass produced with no love. If you want to speak to Jack wood, you have to call their customer service hot line. then ask to be transferred to extension 311, then speak to Judy and say you want to speak to Jack. after her mocking laughs you stay on the phone and act seriously. You have to beg for about 2-3 minutes until she goes on her 15 minute break. then you are passed to the Mark. you ask for extention 311 again and tell Mark the password DJGBDOITWQA8457 and then you will talk to Mike, his assistant then you lie to Mike and tell him that you want to speak to Jack for a sponsor. they will put you on a recording machine for you to record a 30 second message briefly talking to him about something.

To speak to Craig Palmers, all you do is call palmers and tell Lori you want to speak to Craig and BAM

The Customer service on small shops like that is amazing.

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This is a common misconception. The marker in question is actually from a limited run that WGP produced to try using the little finger as the firing finger to promote digital ambidexterity. Unfortunately, the gravity inverter needed to feed paintballs was sold separately.
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I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.

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