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That's just it.

They are made of something different or something. They are either blue or red, and supposedly that lasts longer.

As far as I can tell, they are the same size as a tank oring, just different material?

Is it Buna-N?

Somebody has GOT to know this..

I would think the same orings would be useful for piranha's, and spyder clones..

I woudl think it would just be "out there" somewhere, but I can't seem to find the info.

I found a thread spec's for Spyders, and bolt orings, but there seems to be some contraversy about material, and blue versus red, and stuff. I don't have any origninal one's left.

I have noticed in the kits, they have changed to using a red oring for the striker.

Bah, is it just the thickness?

Or is it the material, or what?

Is there a magi O-ring that lasts a long time like the black magic cup seals?

This is really the only trouble I ever have with Spyders.

Maybe I 'll buy a kit (SPyder only sells a complete kit as far as I can tell), and get is't dimensions, but I thought I had done that before, and they were the same as tank O-rings..

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