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I see dead people
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Location: Metro ATL

My New-To-Me Classic 68
  • Hopper Left PF Body
  • AGD Bull Barrel
  • Classic Rail w/
  • Classic VASA
  • Classic 1 Star Valve w/ Matching Numbers
  • LVL 10 bolt
  • Dial-A-Welt
  • CF Frame
  • Wood Grips
  • Bike Grip
  • Giant Drop w/
  • On/Off


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Euro-feed RT lover
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Location: Nashville, TN

My one and only gun right now, the gun I always wanted since before I started playing in '95; my Minimag!

She is basically all old school:
-Retro Valve
-Polished Minimag body with shortened powerfeed tube
-Dye stainless barrel
-Armson .45 single trigger frame with Ajax pearl grips
-Eclipse body rail and powerfeed plug
-SP MaxFlo 4500 adjustable reg
Lover of vintage Automags, and fast women.
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Whats your boggle?
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Name:  ptpmag.jpg
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Size:  118.1 KB

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Fan of EMR

Just another Pump MicroMag
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AKA "BlackGates-5"
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Originally Posted by dm6rocker View Post
First one to come to me is Short304's former Karta bodied, UL Framed mag.
Man, the trade of this mag left a little hole in my heart, and this was the result... no where near as sexy (that Karta body is unbeatable!), but it'll do till I can raise a little extra dough later on and sit a Karta atop her again! LOL And thanks DM6 again for the "sell-back" on the gas-thru! LOL

If anyone wants info on how to do the Dye UL frame mod, I can post a thread... it's relatively simple if you have a dremel, $100 for the frame, patience and cajones! I think it looks GREAT on the Karta body personnally... and it's not half bad on the ULE either...
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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
I thought I smelled Similac on your breath at D-Day Captain Short

My Feedback:
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Location: Slovakia, Europe

mags / actual setup
Armament: AGD E-mag / AGD Tac-one / AGD Pump-mag / ZGP .94

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Fluffy Bunnies for life!!
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Pump mag reborn

Traded sQuidvision for his pump mag, got and started working on it. Milled the body so that the mag could be mounted centerline versus offset, cut the crownpoint barrel down. Stripped all the black ano off. Here is the outcome. I am pretty pleased with it.

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Cant say i know alot about this marker, its been in a drawer in my place since last spring, i think this was what i traded for my Angel...
All i know about it: AGD Tac One body, lvl 7 bolt (or uhm im not sure at all, atleast i know it chops alot xD) dual angel detents, some random cocker threaded barrel on it, and the comfiest grips i have ever held :3

On the picture i have my revvy and 48/3k on it, but only time i have used it was with a 11/3k tank and a WGP Ammo Box, which was a really fun setup for a light little semi like this one
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Name:  014edit.jpg
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Name:  015edit.jpg
Views: 1090
Size:  155.4 KB

Sorry for the low quality photos.
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My precious

Alright here is my pride and joy.

Those are older pics, now has a CP dropforward and a CP on/off asa.
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