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My Medic Mag

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A couple of mine. This one I tried to build as simple as possible. This cram and jam configuration works surprisingly well, and I love the PING the barrel makes when you shoot her. She's balanced nicely with the weight on the back off setting the brass barrel also. Lefty grips too.

This one took forever to collect all the parts. Most of the parts here are paint has been shot through this gun the way it is now. New parts include the warp feed, body, half the splash parts and the Hyperframe. She even has a new level 10 bolt. Notice the double finger splashed trigger on the Hyperframe? I did that Another lefty gun....

If your glasses fog up and you want to make your own mask fans, here's how;

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my tacs
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finally got a sydarm
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Updated pictures, she is not done yet, but hopefully soon.
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Originally Posted by C_losjoker View Post
Updated pictures, she is not done yet, but hopefully soon.
Wooooo Weeeee she is BEAtiful so far!!!
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I bought this minimag on ebay a few years ago for $120.00 shipped. It came with most of the splash stuff and the xvalve and a two finger benchmark frame. It isn't the prettiest out there but it shoots sweet!
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Looks pretty to me. That looks great!
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