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Need Answers:

Before I start cursing some unknown slob with seven different kinds of Hell I need to ask a few simple questions:

Is there any logical reason to loc-tite the Banjo bolt on a Merlin?

And can said loc-tite turn an O-Ring brown, gooey, and sticky, or did some idiot use some kind of rubber cement as a sealant?

Thanks, I look forward to negative answers so I can start cursing.
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I've never seen loc-tite turn o rings into mush. Usually to break rubber down you need some a petroleum based agent. If it is loc tite you will see residue and it will be colored either blue (removable) or red (permanent).

To get permanent out you need to heat the banjo. let it cool it will come out or break. Only two things you can do if it breaks, one use "easy outs" or two drill and smash.

My guess is the reason that its permanent is that the threads are stripped and this was the cheap easy fix.
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It was blue loc-tite. I had a fun time trying to clean all of the residue off.

I found part of the O-ring, at least I think I did, and it was dry, smashed flat, and I only found about half of it. I'm just wondering what the brown, gooey, sticky stuff, that smelled of loc-tite was? Although I don't think I'll ever know.
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They do sell a brown loctite...I dont know exactly what its application is IIRC gasket seal or similiar. The nice thing about the Merlin screw is it takes tank orings as replacements.


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