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Question on drill and tap spec.

Does anyone here know the numbers for the correct drill and tap bits for a 1/8th npt plug?

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I just bought a tap yesterday. It calls for a Q drill right on the shank. An online drill/tap chart (google for "drill tap chart") calls for an R drill which is the next size up. The size above that is 11/32. This last one may be a bit large unless you are going for a deeper fit on the fitting or plug. A test drill and tap job would be a good idea for this drill size but I think it'll be OK. May just take a couple of extra wraps of teflon tape to get a good seal.

I've found that the next size up is just fine unless you're going for a minimum size threading. But much of our paintball stuff likes to have the fittings further in for a more streamlined look and it takes a lot of work to get the tap in that far if the hole is smaller even if it's technically the right size.
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I use an 11/32. Paintball fittings seem a tad oversized (I think they're NPTF, not just NPT) and stick out otherwise. If I'm having trouble, tap an R or an 11/32, then step drill a 3/8ths about a third of the way in. Or use a NPT reamer, which I've tried to order, but appearently they may have stopped existing.
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