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Looking for info on a late 80's or 90's Pump

I'm looking for info on a late 80's or 90's Pump.

Here's the thing, I don't know who made it.
I was living in Colorado Springs 1992-1993

I rented a pump from a paintball store to go play.

I think it might have been a Razorback II. The pump grip was metal and had the same feel as a razorback. It had writing on the pump linkage. It had the Ca with a 9oz tank, Hopper was a little black box style with two little plastic fingers across the opening. I think the hopper was stright up and down. I know there was not a front sight at all. I don't remember the rear. I think it had rapid fire. I don't think there was a saftey on it but can't be sure on that one.

Sound just like a razorback II right!
Here's the thing I think it was all one color, black.
Did they make a razorback that was all black?

Any info would be great...thanks
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you just described about two dozen pumps of that era.

could have been anything

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That was very helpful, WT... I am sure the poster is very glad that you took the time.

Razorbacks were indeed made in all black. Probably the more common color was a sort of dark greyish color. The Razorbacks also placed their logo on the pump arms and were direct feed. I believe there were Razorback I, II and III versions.

Check out the Vintage Rex link (under "museum" in the upper left of the HOME page here) and see if you can spot the gun you are looking for.

Good luck,

Edit: Here is a link to the "World Wide Paintball" page at VintageRex. Alas, it looks as if we have not placed any pics up, but I will see if I can find one of a Razorback II for you. |

Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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Could have been a Black Widow too, there was one for sale here just a couple of days ago (it's gone now).
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Yep There where alot of pump kinda like what I'm talking about. Alot of them had smooth, plastic, or just grooves in the pump arm. I seen the razorbacks and they ring a bell but with so much beer between then and now..well you know.

I did check out VintageRex before posting
The gun that looks the closest to what i remember is the razorback III
in the Advertisement scan photo page
Second row second gun
But i cann't find a photo of it that is in color. Most photo in color show the gray barrel.

Black Widow is all black but pic looks like barrel is short, but it might have come with different barrel ops
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could have been a bushmaster too -

your best bet is to go to and take a stroll around there
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The first step is to trying is find the GRIP.
Often, that is the easiest way to classify the late 80s, to mid 90s pumps.

Many guns used "Wintec" grips. Either copies, or actually made by Wintec. It has a distinct "almost square" trigger guard, and brass hardware. Ie Wintex, Bloodsucks, Super Intruders, etc.

Both Taso, and Kingman had round guards, with "knobs". Ie Spartan, hammer

Trracers/Tagmasters/Mavs had guards that curved forward. Also Razorbacks, Brutes

Many had perfectly round guards, based on the original 007.. or even USING 007 grip frames.

Bushmasters were perhaps most recognizable with 2 45 degree angles.

And so on. Pretty much all of them came in black varieties and metal pumps.
Check out some of the examples above (@ VintageRex) to see if you remember what your grip looked like
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Could have also been an Outlaw II among many others!
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Thanks for all of the replies. My best guess is going to be the Razorback II.
Thanks again all
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